Sunday, October 18, 2009

Melissa Techman "Copyright" Oct. 17 LM_NET

Ms. Techman shares a great idea about promoting books that, unfortunately, violates copyright law. I find that this happens ALL THE TIME in schools. It is just so easy to copy pages for a class set rather than use precious funds for a class set of books. The LMS is clearly the person most knowledgeable about this issue in the building, although every teacher should be aware of these laws. Most people just don't care. The truth is, I'm not sure how I would tackle this issue as a LMS. I have mentioned to colleagues that they are blantently violating copyright and the response is the same as my students' - "So what? No one will ever know and I need this." Teachers will often pull the "it's for the kids" arguement. I am a rule-follower but I am also practical. How do I convince teachers that copyright violation is unethical and illegal and THAT should be reason enough not to do it? Furthermore, is it even possible to enforce this in your building?


  1. You can point out the issues but it is not up to you to make them follow the rules. That is the job of the lead educator in the building. The principal is the one who should be tackling this. Educating the principal would be my first step.

  2. Hi, Jen, I'm just seeing this post for the first time and I couldn't remember exactly what I posted. Did you mean that I talked about someone else's great idea that unfortunately is a copyright violation? The first sentence suggests that I suggested a copyright violation. I hope that's not true, but if I did, I'd like to post a follow-up message on LM_NET. Can you clarify for me? thanks! Melissa

  3. Jen, you never answered my question and it really bothers me that when people google my name they see the first sentence of this post showing up in the results. I'm pretty sure I was commenting on a copyright violation, not suggesting one!