Sunday, October 25, 2009

Anne Corsetti "Animoto" Oct 25, 2009 LM_NET

Apparently I am not the only one tyring to use Animoto for creating my own book trailers as well as having students create them. I am currently trying to get all of my students to complete one before parent teacher confereces. Some of my students are done, some are close, and others have nothing... typical. I thought this assignment might actually be one where every student would get it completed. Wrong. They love watching my videos; they love looking at videos done by other students; they were all very excited when I introduced the activity; some still have nothing. My problem is that many of my students have no email address so they cannot set up their own account. So, I paid for an unlimited video account and let the rest of them use mine. I don't know if that is an ethical problem but my thought is 1)they could have their own free accounts if I insist they set up an email account OR 2)Animoto gets my yearly fee and students are exposed to their product... I picked door number two. This is causing problems, though. There are too many projects working at the same time and students end up with other's images in their video... I am loving the ones that are done but it has certainly not been without headaches. I was going to use MovieMaker, but Animoto is SO much simpler to use. Anyone have suggestions or other options?

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