Thursday, September 3, 2009

Patricia Scanlan "Anger management" Sept 3, 2009 LM_NET Posting

I walked through my LMC the other day before school where my LMS and a vendor were going through new titles available. Since she knows I am in this program and often tax her brain about library "stuff" she stopped me and asked if I had a few minutes to look at some titles with them. I did not, unfortunately, but I did notice a new non-fiction series dealing with emotional health. One was dealing with anger management and the comment was made that it may not be appropriate for a 5th and 6th grade library. I was somewhat surprised. I suggested that it may still be a worthwhile title to put in the staff resource area, at least. I was pressed for time and had to leave, but thought about this for a while. The entire series looked well done and had good reviews. Why would this particular title get put under such censure? Spend one day in my builing, or any intermediate school, and it becomes obvious that this issue certainly applies to this age group. I deal with children with anger problems on a daily basis. It is a topic covered in class counseling sessions. Why was it automatically set aside as inappropriate? Here, Ms Scanlan is asking for recommendations (granted, for a HS) and our book is being hidden or perhaps rejected entirely. I am baffled. My parting comment was, "You know me. I am all for 'all books on the shelf'."


  1. I don't understand why a book on anger management would be inappropriate for 5th and 6th? Was it because it was written at a higher level?

  2. No. The concern was purely thematic. I truly have no idea!!!