Sunday, September 27, 2009

Nancy Dickinson "Author Visits" Sept. 27, 2009 LM_NET

I am glad to see that people post good experiences with authors. This particular post recommends Dianne de las Casas. Our students have enjoyed Roland Smith so much our LMS tries to get him every other year so that all our students see him once. His books fly off the shelves because he is so inspiring, I think. Students really love having that personal connection with an author and I have seen students start reading just because they heard him talk about a book. I have also experienced a less-than-fabulous presentation by some others. Author visits can be so rewarding for everyone involved but they cost quite a bit. It is really dissappointing to use precious funds and instructional time for an unimpressive "assembly" where the kids have tuned out within minutes. I am a huge proponent of author visits and I will always advocate for them as an LMS. I just need to do the research and make sure the response is "I want a book by..." and not "whatever you paid for that it was too much."


  1. Do you think that a Skype visit would have the same effect?

  2. It could. I think that would depend on the physical set-up possible in a given building and the author, him/herself. Just an author "talking" is not very appealing to most students. If the author is able to "present" as well as speak, then I think it could. The younger the students the less effective, I think.