Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Teacher Makes a Difference? WHAT???

I first read an article by Doug Johnson last year for the Collections and Acquisitions class. I really had no idea what he was talking about but after some time in this program I went back to that article and others he had written. All that to say, I really like his blog and this posting in particular - "Librarian-proof libraries? Guest rant by Gary Hartzell." I am not a librarian or media center specialist yet but I have been a teacher for a while and feel that every year this idea has become more prominent - that we all just need to work together to get the curriculum and lesson plans just right and then every student will have the same success no matter where they go to school. The points made in this posting are wonderfully obvious and TRUE!! How is the teacher accountable for anything if the curriculum/system is "the thing." If that's true, every child in my classroom should get the same scores because they've had the same curriculum... every child visiting the media center will be 21st Century Learners because the system is in place. ?????? Of course people matter... good teachers are essential... not all teachers are good ones... fact. Why do we pay more for name brands? a specialist instead of our primary care physician? a certified car dealership instead of the guy in the garage in the alley? EVERYTHING is personnel-dependent!!!!

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  1. We will never get past the need for excellence of the individual no matter how much we invest in technology. Of course, part of the excellence of the individual will be them knowing how to use the technology as well.