Sunday, November 22, 2009

Jacqueline Henry "Blogs as authoritative sources" Nov. 21, 2009 LM_NET

I often wonder how to teach my students about using blogs as sources. It seems I am not the only one. Ms. Henry makes the point very well. "If the author posts credentials it is easy. If they don't - I advise the student to toss them out. Many of these sites have info that just looks SO good - it catches them up." More than once I have watched a student struggle to find good sources about a particularly elusive topic and FINALLY come across an "excellent" site full of information... a blog. I just pray we can find the author and some credentials. No such luck. Now my student thinks I am purposely trying to make his/her life more difficult and they are not listening to anything else I say. Well, that last bit is not true, I hope. Fact: very frustrating. Can we start implementing a tag or filter for Websites so that kids can type in "good" and only good ones show up? (no, I'm not smoking anything - just a thought)

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